Selasa, 23 Juni 2009

Fuckation - Pardon me :p

when I say fuckation - that doesn't mean it sucks, but it means "I want it so bad," and "it was f88kin awesome!"

According to my older post, when I said bout
holiday and I wanted you to pray for my
holiday plan to be happen... here it is........tadaaaaaa!

The photos and some little story about my journey to the unknown island.

If you ask me now, where it was.. I couldnt tell you for sure. We (me, cacil , lala , arrie, and awo) just took a boat trip and then stop anywhere we want. But I know that "whoever is up there" gave us grace and a smile upon our face, we've got like discount, discount, and discount _ you know what that's mean? dis-count :D . For all of you (especially those we asked to join us) who refuse to go that day - I know, you envy us. "evil laugh".

Oh anyway,

Now this is what I called SCRAP HEAVEN

arrie wear too much ROC!
What a funny story behind..*giggle
and the other photos, I made it like a photostrip. wish I can made this look like a real scrap

We also took the famous "jump" photograph.

then we snorkel..

Took a funny UNDERWATER pic, thx to TOMAT
I love this one but I dont know why..

I got scraped near the pier and that's my favourite drink :D

Where the boys clean up, while the girls hide behind a bali saroong, naked :ppp

We even made an ad, called "whatever coca in cola"

Also got it on a video,

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