Sabtu, 05 Maret 2011

Mighty Moleskine

Back when I was in college, I only had this 1 mighty moleskine that contains everythiiing,
from college task, notes, ideas, scribbles, contacts, phone numbers, sketches, poems, everyyythiiinnggg!!

I put some sticker I got from Magic Happens to remind me of my Final Project brand.
I really like this moleskine, much memories (aaaaaaw), happy up and down college life,
sleepless long night working on task, sleepover at friends (not exactly play and sleep but do some college project *sigh ,, still with a crazy-stress out-get away-little laugh with my team, and all those memorable stuff that happened on this Moleskine Year)

I always bring my pocket moleskine everywhere. I love its colour, match my favorite sling bag.

Notes for Rational on IAA - Biodiversity Logo and Poster.

Scribbles about Magic Happens Headbox Project

Now I have a new Moleskine, in black colour,
but I don't know why I just don't write much on it, not even a scratch :(((
Getting unproductive huh?
Come on Mighty, tease me so I can do something with you! :p

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