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CCIP Departure and Flights Jakarta - Miami

I lived in Miami, Florida, USA and studied at Miami Dade College Kendall Campus on a scholarship program called Community College Initiative Program (CCIP) under the Community College Consortium (CCC), funded by US Dept. of Education for about 10 months, from July 2013 - May 2014. We can't choose in which city or campus we want to study but I think the field of study that we choose takes a big part in the decision on where we will be placed.
Read how I got the scholarship here.

I left my job (although I was a creative freelancer), my start-up clothing business, my family, my dog, my friends. I was happy doing what I did but I was so ready to leave it all for the "once in a lifetime" experience studying abroad! It was super easy because I know that I will be fine.

On July 14, 2013 I flew to Miami USA to start the scholarship program. I packed only a medium suitcase and a backpack filled with important things. My parents, my sisters and brother, my brother in law, my nephew Gabriel, my friends: Lala, Raysha Cacil, Caca and Gigi, and Jali took me to the airport. Lala and Cacil gave me a personal made book of recipe for easy to make food and said in that book to me not to forget to eat and not to eat late cos they know I have an ulcer. Caca and Gigi gave me a box filled a socks (and a paper with "Just in case you get cold",) candies and cookies (and a paper with "Just in case you get hungry"), and pictures of us from our trip to Jogjakarta (and a paper with "Just in case you miss us"). They are just the sweetest! I love them a lot!

I met CCIP students from Indonesia that also placed in Miami: Mimy from Gorontalo, Jerry from Manado, Putri from Palu, Tjipto from Solo, and Hendrik from Papua. We (except Hendrik) were in the same flights from Jakarta to Miami. So I know I have friends along the long waaay, we stick together and conquer all the problems that happened during our departure, including the excess baggage because both connecting flights have different regulation on maximum baggage weight.

First flight was Jakarta – Changi by Garuda Indonesia for about 1.5 hour. Then Changi – Narita, Japan for 8 hours. The long flight made my legs feel numb. If you’re short, put your bag under the seat in front of you and place your foot on top of it. Watching movies will make you sleepy all the time. I watched 3 movies and fell asleep in all of them! The Admissions, Garp, and another one with Seth Rogen and Barbra Streissand. I had the same plane for the next flight to Houston but we still need to check in, make a security check then walk to the gate to board. Narita Airport is small and has no free wifi. I didn’t see much of it because it was only 20 minutes transfer.

Narita – Houston was like a bumpy road. It was another 8 hours flight. Heavy turbulence in such a bright afternoon. I felt uneasy, I wondered had this happened a lot? I looked out the window, we were above a big big cloud. I remained seated for a long time in that plane because of the turbulence, I can't go to the lavatory and the worst was the food can't be distributed and I was starving. Thank God I had that cookies from Caca. Really made me and my tummy happy. Finally I watched a full movie. Hotel Transylvania. That was funny and detail. I also watched Stokers to end the flight. A very staggering one for a flight entertainment.

Houston - Miami. 4 more hours to get to my final destination. I was waiting for my time to rest on a real bed.


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