Jumat, 17 Juni 2011

Marbles - Marbeland!

Product: Marbels Chew Candy
Problem : Marbels is not Top Of Mind, Other brands has more promotion and advertisement.

Solution: Create awareness and become top of mind by heavily advertise in an attractive way.
And exposing the identity: "cuma kejadian di dunia Marbels"

Marbels is a colourful candy with various flavours that offers an unexpected sensation.


Strategy: Make an activation that related with kids creativity :


: Creative play land where target audience are triggered to use their creativity while playing in the play land. Visitors need to buy at least 5 packs of Marbels as a ticket (valid for 1 person).

What's in Marbeland?
- Giant Marbels Pixel Art, create a Marbel Man Pixel Art with Marbels.

- Booth Games:
Lomba Lukis Layang-layang
Lomba Gambar Imajinasi


Forgive The Typo there, we noticed, but didn't revised it :p

TVC Storyboard (Click for bigger pict)

We show the kids some imagination land, where everything so fun, from a nice garden, flying on an air baloon, watch the world from sky, and fly to outer space, then they suddenly fell of, and it was just their imagination, the real situation is they playing trampoline and eating Marbels.
It continues with a persuasion to join and feel the joy of Marbeland, and all the things they can do at Marbeland.
We forgot to put the date , time, and place on the ads.
We noticed, but didn't revised yet, too.. Sorry, after the presentation done, we put it aside *bad college student :p

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