Jumat, 17 Juni 2011

Fuji Underwater Camera

This one is fun,
We (me and Admostfear team) didn't made the idea nor the execution of this ads or ambience ad, about FUJI underwater camera.
This is only a college task on Presentation Subject
University of Indonesia, major: Advertising. year: 2007
Lecturer: Mr. Panata Harianja (Mas Jaja)
The Task is to make the presentation as good as easy to understand, comprehensive, and look good.

We learned about presentation skill, one of the lesson is to put only the headline with some images/pictures that related to the topic we've been talking about, and present it by talking, not with writings. If we put too much writing, the audience will busy reading the writing, distracted, and not listening to your presentation.

So check this out!
It's mostly just a funny underwater pictures, but it looks good.

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