Rabu, 19 Oktober 2011

City VS Country

If you think you are flawless, pure, and honest, think twice.
I know the monkey business. And yea call me naive but I feel bad about it. I live in a huge political world where everything is about business and/or politics. And dirts, and money, and rats, corruption, manipulation.
I don't want that. You know what I want?

Living in a countryside, really stranded, where I shouldn't think about politics and TV shows. A seaside beach house *not to close I'm afraid of Tsunami, with large yard where I can grow fruits, vegetables, paddy, spices, and a large farm with chickens (that produce eggs), cow (that produce milk, then I'll turn it into yogurt, cheese, etc), horse (just to play and ride with), dogs (to keep our farm and house safe). Where all my food supplies comes from my own farm and yard. Where I spend my days do my own project, maybe running my own business *of course not a corporate one. If I have company, I'll promise myself I will take care of my employees, I will give them their rights, I'll teach them all I know, of course I hope they also doing their best to me and my company. I'll also spend my day taking care of people, living with passion and compassion, emphaty and sympathy to others. Living healthy physical and religiously.

My parent start their business with nothing. Really work hard on their ass. Starting to open a food and living supplies store. My mom once said, "Its good that you want to stand on your own, and be in sell-buy (trading) business, cos you know what? This is a type of business where you're not only sell goods and supplies but also your effort to serve them at the store, get all their needs, and our profits are came from them because of our services, and they know that, and willing to gave it to us.
My father's store sell daily consumers product, cigarettes, and other home supplies, and guess what? The profits on each item he sells are only about Rp 100 - Rp. 5000 (top). Around that.
My parents said, "We sure can lie to the customers so our profits can be bigger, but we didn't. That's why we've been doing this for over 30 years." They keep their business clean, and my family and I live from it *the little money we make from our little store that doesn't even had a branch. They're my role models.
Look at the farmers back in the village, they live don't they? Not with tons of money they get every day. Not with billions of money on their account, not with hundreds of employees he got. Not with large company nor nice building in central city. But with his backbone, shovel, water, earth, seeds, even shit.

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