Senin, 24 Januari 2011

Heartbeat Campaign

College task on Advertising Practice subject. D3 Advertising University of Indonesia.
(This is not a real project, only simulation)

Client: ASIRI (Asosiasi Industri Rekaman Indonesia)

Target Audience / Adapter: Youth.

Menurut hasil riset kecil-kecilan yang kami buat, pembajakan musik yang dilakukan oleh anak muda lebih banyak dilakukan dengan cara mengunduh musik melalui internet secara ilegal dan kebanyakan dari mereka tidak mengetahui bahwa mengunduh secara ilegal juga merupakan tindakan pembajakan musik yang bisa mematikan industri musik.

FLOW: Issue spreading of missing artists, revealing the cause, directing audience to the website that contains about Heartbeat Campaign,

Heartbeat: The sign of life, The heart of music is the creativity, and Beat is the Heart of music, so No Heart, No Beat, No Music. If youth consider themselves as a music lover they'll appreciate the artists and won't do any piracy or illegal downloading.


Radio Ad

Radio Ad - ASIRI-01 by acelagusta

Its basically just a TVC in audio only version, just as reminder for the messages we've sent through the video/visual in Radio channel (the media where people listen to music)




Web Banner:

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