Selasa, 25 Januari 2011

IAA - Biodiversity

College task on Advertising Practice subject.
We have to submit a set of logo and poster to IAA,
I actually forgot the exact brief, but it was something about biodiversity.
If you wanna know more, Google it.

Biodiversity Logo

(Click for a bigger image)

The Rationale :

“One Great Idea can help in saving up to 30 million species”.

And the big idea is “One Simple Action”.

As we know, we as species are rapidly destroying and threatening the survival of our ecological communities. But sometimes we don’t know or realize that our lifestyle and consumption habits are dangerous for our ecosystem and this living planet. When some things became a habit, it’s going to hard to tell them to completely change their habits. Besides, people will get confuse, “which habit?”, “Which way of consumption?” Etc. That’s why I chose “One Simple Action”. It means by only do one particular action and change one particular consumption habit, can help in saving up to 30 million species. We can always start with a simple act. Tell them some good information and what to do to help. If they follow and do step by step, one by one of each action, they can directly contribute saving our biodiversity in a simple and easy way.

This big idea can be extended as a campaign. There are many tips to do to save our biodiversity, but they don’t know yet, such as using fluorescent light bulb or reuse metal tin cans, etc. Not to forget, after we give some important information, we want them to take action and change their habit. (Tagline: One simple action can help in saving up to 30 million species. Take action. Change our habit.)

The idea is execute in “clean”, “direct”, and serious look, which can be easily identified. (By the “biodiversity logo” and the constant “look” of this “One simple action” campaign). The target audience is male and female, between 12-65 years old, because the information on the poster can be understand by them, they can keep it their mind, and take “the simple action”.

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